5 things you should have learned from Covid-19

Companies with strong managers and a lot of discipline fare better in a down economy. They also fare better in a crisis. Heck, they just fare better no matter what! But Covid-19 should inspire us all to get our internal stuff in order. Below are a few things all companies should take away from this experience:

  1. You really don't need to see your employee's faces every day, however lovely they might be.

  2. You do need some redundancy for people in key roles. Create a growth opportunity for someone more junior and have them shadow a linch-pin or take on some of their responsibilities-win-win!

  3. Now's a really good time to get internal processes and systems organized - Ensure you have good knowledge management procedures and tools, discipline around file names and version control, etc. 

  4. It's also a good time to strengthen your internal communications protocols. What do people need to know to do their jobs? The is answer is not "Everything" - over communicating or involving everyone in every meeting could be as bad for productivity and morale as under communicating.  Be strategic. 

  5. Clear lines of responsibility, clear decision authorities, and well-defined work programs enable people to continue being productive despite interruptions, absences, etc.

  6. Etiquette training for large online or on phone meetings might be a good idea (at least for companies where more the 40% of staff have dogs).

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